Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Design thoughts

I had often wondered about the difference between 'art ' and 'design' before coming to a design school.Now i know.Basically , from what i gather, art is for ones personal creative satisfaction and design is largely client/industry based.So does a designer sacrifice their ingenuity for the sake of being more commercialy viable?I am often haunted by this question.
I think when design proffesionals have to make a difficult choice between their own innovativeness and the clients demand, they shuld choose a kind of middle path.That is , not compromising on ones own original idea, instead being persuasive enough to talk the client into believing what we think will be best for them.This surely does not mean that we close ourselves to their suggestions and accept the fact that we might go wrong at times.
It is a complex situation that we might face in the future.We , as design students, might as well be ready for it.I do not understand the nuances of building up a successful design career., but i sure as hell will try to learn all i can about it over the four years i am here in this design institute.And i realise that solely my assigments will not help me achieve this. It has to be a lot more.......