Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Yaay!! I made chocolate brownies today…all by myself(mum hovered around in the background just to make sure that I did not make a mess of her beloved kitchen).I checked the oven at least 5 times, waiting impatiently for it to get baked properly. I was amply rewarded after half an hour. The soft, moist, melt in the mouth chocolaty taste was pure bliss...mmmm… think I shall go for another bite!!(I can’t help it- I am an insatiable chocoholic….!)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day at the Races

Crowds were milling around,there was an air of expectation and the atmosphere was akin to that of a carnival....As I sat in the governor's pavillion at the mauritius turf , I felt like I had been transported inside an old english novel...complete with exotic foodstuffs,wine, champagne and the hills serving as a backdrop to the racecourse.
I cheered a hell lot for the horses, won some races, lost most of them....but all in all enjoyed the experience very much.
(btw,a single race generates approx 10 million mauritian rupees and there are 8-10 races on a single race day.imagine all the money being used in something productive......??)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mauritius,from what i havegathered in the 20 or so days that I have been here, is a country very much like india.....with enough indian faces to make one feel at home; but at the same time the differences (language,roads-which are amazing,weather,cleanliness,etc) do make one realise that they are not in india....and i can understand why most people here want to go back 'home' after living for a few months in this country.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a very vegetable story

I came to Mauritius on the 1st of may, a few days after my summer break commenced.Between doing other things(sleeping,eating, reading and going to the beach), I also accompanied my mom to the local vegetable and fruit market...the first thing that struck me was that the vendors marketed their goods in a different language(creole-and I did not get a word of what they were saying).The organised tables, the fully covered market with lanes for different veggies is a far cry from the vegetable markets we are used to back home in India.....it was a totally fresh experience....

and ya, one of the veggies i found amazing to look at was called 'squash' ( in English, I couldn't get the creole name...).From what I found out, it is pretty similar to the Indian pumpkin in taste....

pics of the market and the 'squash'.....
So be it. The Fates and my Hands(which seem to have a will of theri own when it comes to writing stuff..) have conspired together to make me finally sit down and write a blog...
an exercise which required me to move from the comfy couch and leave the book i was reading unfinished...a Herculean task , rest assured.
so here it is...my first post.a lot more shall follow......