Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Bad TV

After I come back from work everyday, I feel like watching tv for some time. It's a  break from the interactivity of the computer that I have been working with all day; some time out just to be the passive observer and watch something that captures my interest.
It is sad then, that I rarely find anything worth watching on prime time tv. I simply refuse to watch any of the women-centric garbage and ridiculous 'reality tv' that most of the channels churn out like factories these days. I wonder then, aren't there others like me?

Why is there such an overdose of the same kind of shows? Shows which you probably wouldn't realize the difference between , if someone discreetly changed the channel.
But then, I guess, that's my opinion. An opinion based on watching trailers and snippets of these shows..
So I end up being disappointed. It's just bad tv. And I resort to watching all the series that I've downloaded off the internet.
Who would have thought.That I would crib about  choice in a day and age when there are more than 150 channels to surf through....