Sunday, February 21, 2010

"8 days on, no clues.Toll rises to 15"
That's what the headlines of a leading newspaper say today. They are referring to the blast that happened 
at German Bakery, Pune on the eve of Valentine's day.Ironic, right?
The place was one that my friends and I frequented often, to grab some really of their delicious grub.It felt weird to know that we wont sit on those wooden benches ever again.
Today, though , as I read the headlines, I realized that I didn't feel that sorrow anymore.I didn't feel anything..just a pervading sense of being passive towards all that happened a week ago.It got me thinking though.
Such events have become so commonplace in our lives that as soon as we find out that none of our friends or family have been affected, we heave a sigh of relief. We feel momentary anger and anguish, along with a sense of helplessness for a perhaps a week after; and then they gradually fade from our memory.
Scary thought. That we are evolving into people who don't care about their own countrymen, who are becoming so used to the fact that terrorism is a part of their lives that the anger against such events is diminishing.
What are we turning into?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our own design studio

The 5 of us.We shall be awesome.
We'll do everything from print and web to motion graphics and illustration.
We'll take cool interns..and trust them to produce good work.
We will play amazing music all day and have a pantry with a fridge which has cheese and chocolate.
We shall do free work for animal shelters and NGO's.
Their will be spaces just made to go sit and think or doodle.( giant whiteboards and lots of markers too) 
We will fight, but we'll always make up.
Our studio.Lets make one.Soon.

For you: Maya, Jemma, Sanju and Sherry