Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our own design studio

The 5 of us.We shall be awesome.
We'll do everything from print and web to motion graphics and illustration.
We'll take cool interns..and trust them to produce good work.
We will play amazing music all day and have a pantry with a fridge which has cheese and chocolate.
We shall do free work for animal shelters and NGO's.
Their will be spaces just made to go sit and think or doodle.( giant whiteboards and lots of markers too) 
We will fight, but we'll always make up.
Our studio.Lets make one.Soon.

For you: Maya, Jemma, Sanju and Sherry


Maya said...

you forgot butter in the pantry.

oh! and when we start the firm, we'll frame this post that you just wrote, and there will be a wall which will have the chat that you sherry and i had, and Quotes from that will be highlighted. :D

mistsonthesea said...

See?? good ideas pouring in already..

jemma said...

It sounds awesome :D and what chat is this btw?

oh! we must have themed fridays! to keep the craziness alive :D

Maya said...

@jemma: you're a mad woman.
and i don't know how you got into this. manasi wanted to include a random 5th person coz 5 is a cooler no. :P

i love you. :D