Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I <3 chocolate

O chocolate! My chocolate!
What would I do,
If I was left in this world,
without a bite of you?
Whether you're milk, dark or white,
I really do not care
Abstaining from your luscious sweetness,
I simply could not bear.
So make a beeline for my mouth
It's a good place to be,
You're meant to make people happy,
But please begin with me!

~ The lines randomly popped into my head as a piece of Galaxy truffle swirled in my mouth.( The picture is necessary to understand my sentiments)

Monday, January 18, 2010

''Just follow the crowd...''

That's what I was told, when I asked the receptionist at my workplace about what  ways should I take while walking from Churchgate station to my office.It sounded like weird advice.How could I find out the direction I was supposed to go in , by following a bunch of people who might or might not have a similarly located destination?
The next day I found out.As soon as I got off from my bus, I saw scores , rather hundreds of people walking hurriedly, all going the same way! From shabbily dressed men to heel-clad women, most of them with headphones in their ears, everyone was walking purposefully towards their respective offices.
And yes, when I followed them , I reached very close to my destination.
I was amazed.What a place! The people walking on either side of the street, never colliding, moving as a huge mass of humans, seemed right out of a Hollywood movie showing peak hours at Manhattan.Then I realized, Bombay is India's Manhattan!
I also figured out why some people like Bombay and some don't. It's an intrinsic personality thing.The people who thrive in human company, extroverts, gregarious souls who love being the center of attention one instant and disappear the next, will adore Bombay.The other sort, who like their space, who want the option, the freedom of being in solitude will never like this city. You simply can't escape the 15 million strong population that this place harbors.
I keep writing about this city, because my fascination grows with every day that I spend here.I hope it lasts!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Between the two of us, we will see and hear all the good things on this earth.

New life

I am just about to complete my first week at work.It feels good, though I have been alternating between
contentment and frustration.Bombay looks amazing , especially the area where I go to sit inside an AC premises.All day while I stare at my computer, I think of the beautiful structures outside, the amazing street shopping and the second hand book stalls waiting for me.I think I shall sneak out one of these days for an hour or two and have my fill of staring, browsing and buying.
Which makes me come to my first frustration: I want a decent camera.Everything I look at these days is new and I am noticing all sorts of details which I wouldn't otherwise.I want to capture them...sigh!
Work is good.I have been given a logo development assignment.I can safely say i've never worked so much for my personal projects too! But, whenever I do things under strict constraint, like this identity task, I find my mind wandering to all sorts of art practices, freedom to make whatever crap I want in whatever way I want.
ah well.Sigh! ( again)
Oh and  I miss college and my friends. Very much . I keep wanting to go to Pune, but then I realize that most of us aren't there anymore and it just won't be the same... :(
So there.I am in  a strange mood these days...wonder when it will get back to normal.( or maybe this is the new normal??)