Monday, January 18, 2010

''Just follow the crowd...''

That's what I was told, when I asked the receptionist at my workplace about what  ways should I take while walking from Churchgate station to my office.It sounded like weird advice.How could I find out the direction I was supposed to go in , by following a bunch of people who might or might not have a similarly located destination?
The next day I found out.As soon as I got off from my bus, I saw scores , rather hundreds of people walking hurriedly, all going the same way! From shabbily dressed men to heel-clad women, most of them with headphones in their ears, everyone was walking purposefully towards their respective offices.
And yes, when I followed them , I reached very close to my destination.
I was amazed.What a place! The people walking on either side of the street, never colliding, moving as a huge mass of humans, seemed right out of a Hollywood movie showing peak hours at Manhattan.Then I realized, Bombay is India's Manhattan!
I also figured out why some people like Bombay and some don't. It's an intrinsic personality thing.The people who thrive in human company, extroverts, gregarious souls who love being the center of attention one instant and disappear the next, will adore Bombay.The other sort, who like their space, who want the option, the freedom of being in solitude will never like this city. You simply can't escape the 15 million strong population that this place harbors.
I keep writing about this city, because my fascination grows with every day that I spend here.I hope it lasts!


Maya said...
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Maya said...

actually people who like people around but not exactly in their lives love bombay. you can BE an individual in the crowd.
sigh! i love bombay, and i want to live there forever, in Parsi uncle's bunglow on Turner road. :D

mistsonthesea said...

You better organize fun parties when you have the house then...oh! and invite me too

White Shadow said...

Bombay is crowded with loners. :)