Sunday, April 6, 2008

my crown

I will wear it
I will smile
You will never realize
That I hurt
I will not despair
I will go on
Even though the
Road I’m on
Leads to a place
I don’t recognize..
I am tired
I trudge along
But I will wear it
With a smile
My crown of thorns
A gift from you
For me, and it’s mine
To love and to hate


blink said...

let the thorns turn into flowers very soon and hatred into love!
..this is my wish nd i hope it comes true for you!

mistsonthesea said...

thank you...i hope so too...

Sanjyot said...

what a thought!
nice... i guess these crowns are over produced, somewhere someone has sadistic pleasure gifting these things to others!

Maya said...

hurt and healing.
both come from love.

Sherry Gill said...

aaargh...i hate it when people are sad...