Friday, November 28, 2008

That white paper boat..

That white paper boat
Crisp, new and proud
Left to sail in the waters
All by itself
One very rainy day
When everyone’s away..
Plop! A drop assailed it
As it moved onward
On this perilous voyage..
They looked on
Waiting for it to sink
But it dint
Shivering, cold and wet
It bore the storm bravely
And the next morning
The sun shone bright
Everything glistened
In the sunlight
But the boat now had
Nowhere left to go
So it waits for the day
When the wind would come
and blow it away
To unknown lands
Into unknown hands
So that they might
Smile again.


White Shadow said...

I'm smiling. :)

DeepBlue said...

i am smiling too.. :P

Shadowed Meanings said...

That's coz both of them are high! Trust me.

Your poem inspired a different thought. Like an alternative ending to the poem, bringing out a newer, pensive meaning.

Shadowed Meanings said...

Whats this ->