Friday, May 21, 2010

Me and my friends

It feels a little empty inside. To leave behind so many people, so many memories and so many places is like letting go of a part of yourself; a part you had grown to love over a period of 4 long years.
I guess that is why so many people want a break after completing college.That lost part of you has to be replaced with something else.
I know that all of us promise to keep in touch and act as if things are going to change only slightly. But to try and console oneself with that thought is being stupid.Things will never be the same again.That is not to say that they will get worse...they'll just be different.
I hope then, today, that I can grow to love the 'difference' as much as I loved what was before.

I miss it a lot right now though.The hostel madness, the college vella-ness, the lanes of viman nagar, andhra, ccd, chicken momos, cribbing about work....and most of all the people.My friends who have become family. 
I love you all.


Sherry Gill said...

you know i think about it, and i feel a range of emotions that make me want to put down all the amazing moments in writing. I need an outlet. i just dont know where and how to begin expressing how much i am going to miss everything.

I wish this phase never had to end. I dont want to let go.

Maya said...

it is never going to be the same again. and i hate you for putting it in writing. now it's in stone, and i can't even pretend any longer.
I can't think of a single word to describe how I feel.

I love you guys.

Mrinalini said...

Nothing can put the feeling into writing. I guess being indifferent is how harshly we have come to accept it. Nothing is going to be the same again. But I hope we will still bond greater when we all meet in the future as emptiness is a void which needs to be replaced, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

mistsonthesea said...

@sherry : i know! i had thought of doing a memory type post...but realised that it would get too long and I would still feel guilty if something struck me later, something i missed out putting in writing...
4 years man.
too many memories for any blog or can and will stay in the head only..coming back in conversations wen we meet again.

@maya : i'm sorry..dont hate me plis!

@mrinalini: i sincerely hope so too :)

jemma said...

I am being a shameful optimist, maybe I shouldn't. there is a lot of truth in what you said about things being different. I know it's going to be that way but, that same shameful optimist is looking forward to coming back and realizing that nothing has changed. That all of you will be there waiting to just start the new semester again.

Maybe it's beacuase I love you guys so much. I agree with sherry, wish this phase never had to end.


sanjyot said...

I have become this miserable person who cries at the drop of a hat these days!(and i m in advertising!great! :|) And you wont believe how much i have howled here after reading this!(that too in office loo) :(
i dont know what to say! i hate change i hate change i hate change! :|
i know i m super late to read this post.

Krrish said...


sanjyot said...

So it has been a year since this post. How are we all doing??