Wednesday, August 29, 2007

About://. Sharing poetry//.

For all of us who write poetry, sharing them can be a tricky business.I can safely say that I would feel slightly uncomfortable putting my deepest, darkest thoughts out in the open for everyone to read and judge....Anyhow, what I am going to post now was written by me almost 6 years back.This is my first step.A more recent one shall soon follow.
Here goes:

Walking through those unknown lands,
With reminiscences inside and destiny in hands,
Going down the secret , untrod paths
No wormlike woes , just hidden laughs.

A dream of exploring nd of travel,
Hunderds of riddles and mysteries to unravel
This is what life should really be,
Music to hear and places to see.

To feel the cool breeze ruffle my hair,
To have no thoughts or things to care
To see the sun rising everyday
Brightening the roads along my way.

No one to listen to, no one to obey
Alone in the wilderness and a glorious day,
A stroll down the sandy beach, a climb up the hill
A quiet night beneath the stars ,when everything is still

And I go on down those untrod paths,
In a lonely journey that forever lasts
Delighted with the freedom that I possess,
And joy that promises never to be any less.