Thursday, September 13, 2007

Everything Indian...

My birthday falls on the 15th of august.Yes ,yes ...independence day.People joke about me being a great patriotic soul...not so. I don't blindly appreciate everything 'Indian'
But yes, i do believe that there are a lot of aspects of my country that i should be proud of.
I also notice that there is a growing disrespect or apathy towards everything Indian in today's youth.It is too painful to get out of bed to attend the flag hoisting ceremonies once a year on independance day, that person on the road is soooo 'not cool' coz he refuses to talk in english and sticks to Hindi ,the people who watch indian cinema and listen to Hindi music are essentially losers and who wants to work here once they graduate anyway??The west is sooo much nicer....
To be honest, these thoughts occassionally cross my mind too, and this is the most disappointing aspect of all.We, as the youth of a developing country have responsibilities on our sholuders.If nothing else we can start by being proud of who we are and respecting our 'Indianness' more.

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