Monday, February 18, 2008


Sometimes I wonder if the overwhelming desire to do something worthwhile rules all our actions in life.

When I was younger, happiness was found lurking behind all corners, in the most insignificant of things....or maybe it was just that I needed no specific reason to be happy.I just was...Now, i want more from everything around and that has made me kind of forget the small pleasures in life.

Why did i just write this?? It might not be worthwhile....but who defines that term anyway??And why does it matter so much?

Sometimes, things should be done simply because you want to do them and there need not be any other reason for it.

So there.A blog entry about nothing in particular.Random thoughts.I felt like writing so i did.And i'll keep it that way now.


Maya said...

if you do what you want, then happiness is your reward.

Sanjyot said...

Nice random stuff there!
cool..Ur smart enough to figure out what u want...
and u will..chill