Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mind warp

The human mind is a fascinating subject of study. It never ceases to amaze me. For one, I can never understand the fact that literally hundreds of thoughts, emotions and ideas can run through it simultaneously at the same instant. How is such multi functional activity possible??
We have so many levels of consciousness. Only sometimes we can control them and other times we can’t. For instance, I keep a problem at the back of my head when it is necessary to concentrate on something more significant. It’s not like the thought, that entity is forgotten, it is just that it rests beneath multiple layers of comparatively more pressing issues.
This is perhaps why we sometimes have dreams that are completely unrelated to our present day lives.
Whatever the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind might contain, I know I shall manage to stay in control till the time I know when and how to arrange my thoughts. Though this too requires me to know myself better and I hope I am heading in a direction which does precisely that for me...


jemma said...

I agree with you. While I was reading this post, I remembered an interesting point my psychology teacher had made when I was in school...Where does the mind reside?
When we say mind, we automatically point to our head. But is that so? Is the mind blocked out in some particular part of our brain to be exact?

Weirdly wonderful! Something that is not even a physical entity like the rest our body. but is still used in the same way as we would breathe with our lungs, walk with our feet, eat with our mouth...

And so ultimately live!

mistsonthesea said...

yes...being present physically is not necessary , so long as we realise that the entity exists....very illuminating.