Monday, June 9, 2008

Our bad jokes society...:P

Mihir-Wheelspin:y did the 12th man take the coke to tendulkar even though harbhajan wanted it ?

me: ummm???? dunno

Mihir-Wheelspin: bcoz hes the opener !

me: woow 9technically he's not nemore) :P

Mihir-Wheelspin: he was when the joke was manufactured

me: yeah obviously : :D

how does an elephant get up a tree?

Mihir-Wheelspin: he climbs ?i was going thru ur blog

me: nopie...he sits on a sapling and waits for it to grow :P

Mihir-Wheelspin: and reading abt the this yrs memories

me: :P

Mihir-Wheelspin: as in the last years memories

me: yeah.....u and ur jokes :


Mihir-Wheelspin: yeah... tht memory where u sat in the complab till 8.. the jokes were sad...was tht pointing towards me ???

me: sad as mine :P

Mihir-Wheelspin: hehehee... am honoured

me: heehee

Mihir-Wheelspin: seriously.. i dont get it

me: okay how does an elephant get down a tree?? get wat?

Mihir-Wheelspin: y dont these peopleenjoy 'sad' kokes as much as we do

me: they do ......but they think its too silly to laugh at them

Mihir-Wheelspin: WAT THE HELL

me: but i like laughing so.... :P

Mihir-Wheelspin: exactly.... these people must be sad who doesnt like laughing

me: doubly sad :(( types :D

Mihir-Wheelspin: i think we should step up our efforts

me: yeah....the world needs us

Mihir-Wheelspin: right... we must help them realise the true power of our jokes... help them develpo the taste

me: yup totally...and thts how we will take over the world :P

Mihir-Wheelspin: no.. we dont wanna do ht ttht

me: no? :

Mihir-Wheelspin: no.... we just make help them develop the taste.. then they start cracking jokes themselves and thts how we progress the cause

me: ahhhhkkiees thtsa a nobler way kudos to u

Mihir-Wheelspin: yeah

me: :P

Mihir-Wheelspin: thnx so ill strt.hers a stinker

me: a skunk? :D

Mihir-Wheelspin: an old lady died when she was 6 u decude

me: well the second she cud be nebody..... so it s a valid sentence just incomplte no joke :

Mihir-Wheelspin: it is how can an old lady die when shes sick

me: YIKES bravo!!!!!!!!!


Mihir-Wheelspin: i mean when shes 6

me: i'm confused :

Mihir-Wheelspin: ok agsain an old lady dies when she was sick oh no no

an old lady dies when she was 6 yeah thts right

me: okay...i thot we wer talkin of sad jokes not brain damage : hehehehe

Mihir-Wheelspin: hehehe... i am just suggesting the level we must drop to !

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