Tuesday, June 10, 2008


He swam towards her, swiftly, the adrenaline flowing in his veins; making him feel a state of existence that heightened all of his senses. His fluid motions seemed one with the waves that he silently cut across.

As the last shred of consciousness left her, giving her a fiercely-desired reprieve from an all-consuming terror, she saw him approach her.

Her eyes opened to the room that had come to be her living quarters for the past 3 months.
His house. Her house, her home, her prison?

She wondered when he would take her out on that boat again;to leave her in the deep waters to drown. She couldn’t swim. He knew that, like the hundreds of other things he knew about her. Remnants of an irreparable past….
This was the third time he had thrown her aboard, bound and tied, struggling in vain. But, somehow, the moment when her mortal fear of death turned to acceptance, when she gave up on life and resisted no more, he appeared out of nowhere to take her back to the mortal world.

He enjoyed it, she knew. Watching her dread, her hopelessness, her surrender to the inevitable. She wished she could curse him; call him a sadist in her head, at least. But she couldn’t.
It was his overpowering sense of indifference towards her, her, not the body that struggled in the water, which she could not understand…


He watched her, his hands clutching the cool, metal railing of his boat. His knuckles white, his face expressionless. She didn’t fight today. Her lithe body did not thrash against the rising water.
He noticed her eyes. They had something in them that he couldn’t completely fathom. Was it hope?Did she think he would come again and hold her half-conscious body as they inched closer to the boat? Maybe it was…

The knowledge of her look gave him a sense of defeat. Then slowly, he allowed himself a smile. Today, he wouldn’t go. Today he would wait till he saw her last breathe being snuffed out. He wouldn’t go; for the sake of that one moment, that one look in her eyes when she would realise that he wasn’t going to come to save her today. The eloquent look that would say everything that was ever said, or should have been said between them…

Today, he watched her die.


blink said...

mysterious and engaging...fantastic!
Keep going!

Shadowed Meanings said...

I am confused.
Does she actually die? Or is it supposed to be some kind of metaphor?

mistsonthesea said...

no, she does die, actually
the teror she felt just before she thought she was goin to drown is what he enjoyed to see......

Shadowed Meanings said...

I like that!