Friday, June 12, 2009

This city

I like bombay...rather mumbai.
I finally figured out the easiest way to commute between my temporary home in tardeo, to my workplace in parel (by bus) .Still havent been on a local alone..but i'm planning to do that soon.
My bus takes me via the worli seaface road.I can see the setting sun (or almost set sun) on my way back.It is a beautiful sight...extremely therapeautic.
The city also somehow wants to make you work harder...I guess it's the constant knowledge of being around so many people, all the time, everywhere.
And this place is nicer ( if you campare with the rest of India) to its women too.
But all said and done, i still sorrta miss Pune...
I'm happy to be here..and i will be happy to go back too!

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