Friday, October 2, 2009


Turn on the computer.

Connect to the internet.

Launch ie /firefox /chrome /safari (I wish )

Gmail, facebook, twitter.

The routine that I, and I’m sure a lot of us, go through everyday; multiple times throughout the day. These days though, I find myself favoring twitter over any other social networking site. Part of the reason why this change has taken place is because I find myself getting increasingly bored by facebook. The same old applications, the interface that changes, but still remains repetitive and dull; and the brainless quizzes have taken a toll. To be fair, I never was a fb addict in the first place. So this change is not so astounding.

But it surely makes me wonder: Do social networking sites have an expiry date? I remember checking my orkut account religiously some time back. I dint even realize when I stopped. It was a sort of slow severing of connections between us. And now, as more and more of my friends join twitter, facebook recedes a little into the background (for me). True, the things one does on either of these sites is quite different, but if the success of such sites is measured by the amount of time the users spend on them everyday, then who knows what the future holds? Changes come along so thick and fast nowadays, I guess people are more liable to get bored by the same old stuff in a relatively shorter span of time.

That’s definitely what’s happening to me. Maybe I’m waiting for a change that hasn’t come yet. Otherwise facebook, at least for me, just might go the orkut way.

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