Monday, October 5, 2009

A 'fruitful' walk

I took my friend's camera and walked the road that i have walked umpteen times in these past 3 and a half years.( from college to the hostel).Only today, i looked at even the smallest brick for a good composition, for an interesting pattern that i could capture.
But this post is not about my photography experiments.On my way back, i stopped at a fruit stall to buy myself something for an evening snack.Yes, i eat healthy.
After i was done paying; the shopkeeper asked me if i could click a picture of his stall and print it out.I willingly agreed to take a picture , but i told him i couldn't manage a print out right there and then.I asked him what he wanted it for.He said he wanted to put up the picture on google!
"I want my stall and its name to appear in the fruit image search on google"
His comment made me marvel at the mass proliferation of the internet.And i realized that for a lot of people; google was the internet...
It just goes on to show their massive success ; that even a roadside fruit seller wants his stuff up there, for everyone to see, and for that he thinks of google.
I promised the guy that i would put the picture up on the internet.So here.

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