Friday, November 13, 2009

I realised something about myself today.
I can only be nice to the  people whom I truly respect...I might be a little mean to the others.
My respect, I guess, is born out of admiration of the way the person goes about and accomplishes their work, the work that they have been assigned to do , what they are on this planet for.Their karma.
Work that makes me think, ''I wish I'd have done that''.
It might be anything.
But I also realize that I  probably shouldn't judge people in this manner.Who am to, really?
So I'll try being nicer.The work a person does is only small part of their personality, after all.

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akshay said...

very true.. i'm faced with a similar dilemma very often.... for me the person is not just the work, but how they work and why they did that piece of work.. that can really say a lot about the person..