Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Design gyan..C/o DCC

We are approaching the end of a signature course here in NID called Design concepts and concerns.It has been a hectic, chaotic, enlightening and engaging experience that has left most of us thinking.The pressure of understanding a problem, coming up with an apt solution and then conveying it in the best possible manner has left most of us sleep deprived and longing for the weekend.
What follows is a list of the things that have dawned upon me in the process( a few of which need to be taken with a pinch of salt)

* Form and structure go hand in hand in making every design possible.
* Critiques are valuable.Random comments and opinions are not.
* Out of intense confusion comes curiosity, which in turn leads to clarity.
* Group work is hard.Persistence and responsibility are required at all times for the work to be cohesive and successful.
* When the mic malfunctions, it is a sign from above that you should stop talking.
* As an explanation gets verbose and lengthy, attention span decreases radically.
* Humor and interactivity go a long way in making a presentation memorable.
* Doodling in class gets one good ideas at times.
*What you know is as important as how you can communicate the same to your audience
* Taking a stand and doing self analysis is imperative, even if one's understanding of a subject is limited.One should only realize that there is more to learn.
* Sometimes good designs fail.It is possibly because it is close to impossible to impress everyone.
* Resources and experiences when shared lead to a huge database of knowledge that one can refer to
in times of need.
* Design for me , engenders an attitude to 'know more about more'

A few design gyan nuggets that I gathered in the process...wonder what more will I realize in the next 3 days.I'm curious to know...

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